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Energy Transition

Energy systems are growing together - photovoltaics, battery storage, e-mobility and heat pumps are the building blocks for a sustainable energy solution. The main link around these systems is the grid connection.


We specialize in simplifying the process of grid connection in commercial and industrial sectors and bringing energy and data together in the overall system.
So that the energy transition is successful and fighting the climate change is possible.



Grid Connection

In the industrial sector with system sizes of up to 1 MW, grid integration is slowed down by bureaucracy and a high need for specialist knowledge of grid connection conditions. This is where we start.


Save Time


We'll guide you through the entire process and show you what information you need and when. 


Work in a network

We support you in the implementation with our know-how and our experience.


  • Our platform maps the process for connecting to the grid in accordance with VDE-AR-N 4110 and accompanies you from the beginning to the final operating permit.

  • The necessary e-forms are filled out automatically - based on your project data.

  • The grid connection conditions are simply processed and prepared for the configuration of the PPC.

  • After the project is completed, all information is available to you in a digital project folder.


  • Are you implementing your projects yourself and losing time during the grid connection process?

  • We accompany you in your project and guide you through the bureaucratic and technically demanding process.

  • Don't let the shortage of skilled workers slow you down - we will support you with our know-how and software.


Energy & Data

  • Measurement data, price information, events or operating values are available in many places in different formats

  • We establish the connection, standardize data and enable its efficient use.

  • Our components can be modularly integrated into any cloud infrastructure.




  • Photovoltaic roof systems combined with storage are the ideal way to generate and use energy locally.

  • We make the data flows transparent and can provide cloud-based schedule for maximizing your yield.

  • Increase your own consumption and at the same time reduce electricity procurement costs through intelligent energy management.


Our Services

We support you with the grid connection for photovoltaic systems in the commercial sector.

Our platform digitizes the entire process and speeds up the grid connection.

We integrate measurement data from data loggers and APIs for your software system.

We individually optimize your own consumption and electricity procurement costs through intelligent networking and data analysis.

Who we are

We are three committed founders with over 25 years of experience in the solar industry and an equally passionate team of developers with the most modern understanding of technology and visionary innovative power. Together we are working on new solutions for the energy landscape of the future.

Stefan Rensberg
Martin Schneider
Daniel Schneider

Environmental and climate protection are our drivers. With our commitment to renewable energies, we want to do everything we can to stop climate change. To do this, we need to think big and act fast.

To make the dimension transparent - Feel free to visit our CO2-Realtime Dashboard.

Streamergy is innovative and is promoted



Interested? Get in touch with us!

We want to share our ideas with yours and find solutions together - for you as a customer or cooperation partner.

Streamergy GmbH

Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 6

Gebäude 9a

86159 Augsburg

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